• Out-of-the-box shared DB-as-a-Service in vRealize Automation


    Purpose: This blog post provides details of shared DB-as-a-Service capability in vRealize Automation. This functionality provided by vRO workflows. A vRO package was created and is available here. Details of the required tools and configuration steps are also provided. Also,…

  • Automatically create custom dynamic groups in vROps as per vCenter Tags


    Purpose: Do you want to create custom dynamic groups in vROps which matches the tags created in vCenter server? You can do this manually, but you have large number of tags created. How to tackle that programmatically? This post covers…

  • How to configure Auto-Scaling for Private Cloud


    Purpose: Have you checked the auto-scaling feature provided in public cloud solutions like AWS and Azure and wished to get the same feature in your private cloud environment? Do you have an existing private cloud environment or building a new…

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