• Oracle Weblogic-as-a-Service for vRealize Automation


    Purpose: Recently I got a request to build a Weblogic-as-a-Service in vRealize Automation for a customer. This post provides details of that custom built Out-of-the-Box Oracle Weblogic-as-a-Service in vRealize Automation. The requirement is to deploy a Weblogic Cluster as a…

  • OOTB Shared DB as a Service complete with Day 2 Operations


    Purpose: The first part of the post dealt with "Out of the box Shared DB as a Service". In addition to other points, where I explained about Shared DB as a Service using a┬ávRO┬ápackage. Limitation of that package is, it…

  • Out-of-the-box shared DB-as-a-Service in vRealize Automation


    Purpose: This blog post provides details of shared DB-as-a-Service capability in vRealize Automation. This functionality provided by vRO workflows. A vRO package was created and is available here. Details of the required tools and configuration steps are also provided. Also,…

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