Philosophy behind the Blog

  • Know the "whys" rather than the simple "hows". The "hows" help in short term, but it is the "whys" that goes the distance.

Thought of the day

  • DO NOT let others define you. You are not bound by what you do. You can ACHIEVE ANYTHING if you put your mind to it.

Recent Articles

  • vRealize Operations Manager CUSTOM DASHBOARD - Part 1

    Published: Monitoring vRealize-Operations vRealize-Suite

    Purpose: Recently I had a request from a customer to build a custom Dashboard for vRealize Operations Manager for their environment. I thought of sharing my experience with you so that in the process I can show how to build…

  • vSphere Capacity Report

    Published: Automation

    Purpose of the Script: If you are an admin who manages a vSphere environment then you are in the right place. How many times did you wish for a report that would give you a holistic view of capacity of…

  • vSphere Security Check Script

    Published: Automation

    Dear Readers, It's been long since I have written a blog. But as promised, we will collaborate here and continue to work towards making the scripts more stable and incorporate more features into it. Towards that goal I am writing…