• Finally it is here--PowerShell for Linux and Mac


    The most awaited feature is finally here. Never thought I would see Microsoft saying they love Linux and open source. But I suppose this was on the cards cause you can not ignore a vast population of IT landscape. So…

  • Don’t do it simply because you can: Distributed vs Simple Architecture


    Hello all, it’s been long since my last blog. In between, I became a father, changed profile, changed location etc., in all a lot happened at personal and professional front. Coming back to blog, this particular topic was bugging me from last couple…

  • Basics of Virtualization - Part B


    In earlier post I talked about what is virtualization. In this post I am going to talk about types of Virtualization and their difference. Virtualization Areas: Nowadays virtualization is applicable to everything. As mentioned in the earlier post: Even something…

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