• Learn Advance PowerCLI in under 100 minutes


    Purpose: Automation in a virtualised datacenter is must for any IT-Admin. PowerShell is perhaps the most important tool in such virtualised datacenter. For VMware environment PowerCLI provides that capability to the admins. This is the second session on PowerCLI, covering the…

  • vRA 7.2 - Auto-Scale , Application Authoring, Container, On-Demand LB


    Purpose: Today I got to demo advance capabilities and various possibilities in & around vRA 7.2 (vRealize Automation) to an audience. This involved auto-scaling, on-demand load balancers, application authoring and containers. So, if you are a cloud admin or infra…

  • Learn basics of PowerShell and PowerCLI under 1.5 hours


    Purpose: Automation in datacenter is a must for any IT-Admin. And scripting is the most important skill they can have. PowerShell is the most important scripting language in today's virtualised environment. This is a session on basics of PowerShell and PowerCLI…

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