Philosophy behind the Blog

  • Know the "whys" rather than the simple "hows". The "hows" help in short term, but it is the "whys" that goes the distance.

Thought of the day

  • DO NOT let others define you. You are not bound by what you do. You can ACHIEVE ANYTHING if you put your mind to it.

Recent Articles

  • Basics of Virtualization - Part A

    Published: General

    Why this post? In recent past in my interaction with couple of college students and other technology professionals I could see that there is some confusion about virtualization and related technologies. Though many knows the tools and end options but…

  • How to build a home lab without dedicated servers

    Published: General How-to

    Hello Everyone,this is my first blog.Before I go ahead and talk about any other technologies I would like to talk about my Home Lab setup. Like many others I do not have dedicated servers at my home so I work…