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How to programmatically collect metric values from vROps

Purpose Few customers inquired about how they can collect metric values directly from vROps. They majorly wanted to get that information using REST API’s. I wrote [another blog post detailing how you can do it]Learn all about vROps REST notifications and REST APIs in 60 minutes. I wrote a python script to automatically collect metric values from vR Automation Python vRealize Operations vRealize Suite

Learn all about vROps REST notifications and REST APIs in 60 minutes

Purpose vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) is an absolutely amazing and must have tool for any virtualised datacenter. Out of the box (OOTB), it provides a lot of functionalities. Unlike custom dashboards and super metrics, REST API’s are less explored areas of vROps. For notifications, we typically use “Send an Email” as a notification option. Th vRealize Operations vRealize Suite

vRealize Operations Manager - Monitoring vs Forensic

Purpose Did you ever wonder or faced the following questions from a customer regarding vRealize Operations Manager? * Why the resource utilization metrics shown by OS and other monitoring tools does not match with those shown in vRealize Operations Manager? * Why vRealize Operations Manager shows so many parameters and is complex to look at? * vRealize Operations vRealize Suite
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