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Oracle Weblogic-as-a-Service for vRealize Automation

Purpose Recently I got a request to build a Weblogic-as-a-Service in vRealize Automation for a customer. This post provides details of that custom built Out-of-the-Box Oracle Weblogic-as-a-Service in vRealize Automation. Requirement: The requirement is to deploy a Weblogic Cluster as a whole. Also, user should be able to choose any number of nodes vRealize Suite vRealize Automation vRealize Orchestrator

How to manually edit vRealize Automation vPostgres database

Purpose Did you ever have the need to manually edit the vRealize Automation vPostgres database? This post covers exactly that topic. It provides detailed steps on how you can access the database and modify it. So without further ado start reading the post. Introduction: There are times when we are forced to modify the inbuilt database of vRA serve vRealize Suite vRealize Automation

OOTB Shared DB as a Service complete with Day 2 Operations

Purpose The [first part of the post]Out-of-the-box shared DB-as-a-Service in vRealize Automation dealt with “Out of the box Shared DB as a Service”. In addition to other points, where I explained about Shared DB as a Service using a vRO package. Limitation of that package is, it only creates the DB in real Database. Created databases do not appear vRealize Suite vRealize Automation vRealize Orchestrator
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