• UPDATE::Configuring NTP in VMware ITBM Standard Appliance (1.0.1)


    Hello All, There is another way. If you follow the previous post there would be a problem . In ITBM standard appliance by default the following lines are on : Server fudge stratum 10 So, when you check…

  • Configuring NTP in VMware ITBM Standard Appliance (1.0.1)


    Guys, Recently I was deploying ITBM Standard suite and faced the following: Purpose: I need to configure a NTP server in ITBM Standard Appliance. Reason: There is a time drift between ITBM appliance and vCAC & Identity appliance, so ITBM…

  • Basics of Virtualization - Part A


    Why this post? In recent past in my interaction with couple of college students and other technology professionals I could see that there is some confusion about virtualization and related technologies. Though many knows the tools and end options but…

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