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Purpose Dear Readers, Its been long since I have written a blog. But as promised, we will collaborate here and continue to work towards making the scripts more stable and incorporate more features into it. Towards that goal I am writing this blog. When run, the script will automatically check whether security best practices are implemented in a vSphere environment or not. The best practices are checked as per the security hardening guide given in vSphere_6_0_Hardening_Guide_GA_15_Jun_2015. Info-Standard Read More
Purpose In earlier post I talked about what is virtualization. In this post I am going to talk about types of Virtualization and their difference. Virtualization Areas: Nowadays virtualization is applicable to everything. As mentioned in the earlier post: Even something as simple as partitioning a hard drive is considered virtualization because you take one drive and partition it to create two separate hard drives. Devices, applications and human users are able to interact with the virtual resource as if it were a real single logical resource. Info-Standard Read More
Purpose Guys, There is another way. If you follow the previous post there would be a problem J . In ITBM standard appliance by default the following lines are on : Server fudge stratum 10 so when you check the time with ntpq –pn you would see that by default is set up as default time server. Since I could not use any local editor to edit the file and all the three appliance vCAC, Identity and ITBM standard follows the same NTP configuration and server, did the following: Info-Standard Read More
Purpose I need to configure a NTP server in ITBM Standard Appliance. This post covers the know how of the process. Reason: There is a time drift between ITBM appliance and vCAC & Identity appliance, so ITBM registration with vCAC fails. [ vCAC & Identity appliance are configured to use NTP server] Solution: Need to update NTP configuration in ITBM appliance. Now like other appliances ITBM standard appliance does not provide any Time server setting in default https://<IP or FQDN:5480 location. Info-Standard Read More
Purpose In recent past in my interaction with couple of college students and other technology professionals I could see that there is some confusion about virtualization and related technologies. Though many knows the tools and end options but again confused by the technology behind. So I decided to write a series of blog posts providing theoretical details about virtualization and cloud computing. What it is and how it works. Hope this would help others to clear some confusion at the basic level, specially my young friends in college and freshers in IT industry. Info-Standard Read More
Purpose Hello Everyone, this is my first blog.Before I go ahead and talk about any other technologies I would like to talk about my Home Lab setup. Like many others I do not have dedicated servers at my home so I work around the limitations and get my lab going. By no means it is a great lab, but this will let you feel the technology, get your hands dirty on things that you would not be able to otherwise. Info-Standard Read More