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List of posts in the Category: NSX

How to monitor NSX environment with vRealize Operations Part I Installation & Config

Purpose Hello, my last post was about monitoring NSX environment using vRealize Network Insight. That is an amazing tool and a must have if you have NSX in your environment. In the meantime I thought of writing a post on using vRealize Operations (vRops) to monitor NSX environment. This is going to be a two part blog, where, in the first part I wil vRealize Operations vRealize Suite NSX

How to install and configure vRealize Network Insight 3.0

Purpose Hi Reader, I am back with another blog. I thought of writing a series of blogs on vRealize Automation. It seems not enough is discussed about the internal architecture and the generic configuration steps are too complex and needs some explanations. But before I do that, I thought of sharing a tutorial on “Installation and configuration of v NSX

How to configure NSX Load balancer for distributed deployment of vRA 7.1

Purpose Hey guys, hope you are doing good. Few days back I discussed about the choice between a distributed deployment and a simple one. Near the end I said, if you want to do a distributed deployment then it is better that we use a virtual load balancer like NSX. So this blog is all about configuring NSX load balancer for a distributed deployment vRealize Suite vRealize Automation NSX
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