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Basics of Virtualization - Part B

Purpose In earlier Basics of Virtualization - Part A I talked about what is virtualization. In this post I am going to talk about types of Virtualization and their difference. Virtualization Areas: Nowadays virtualization is applicable to everything. As mentioned in the earlier post: Even something as simple as partitioning a hard drive is consid General

UPDATE::Configuring NTP in VMware ITBM Standard Appliance

Purpose Guys, There is another way. If you follow the previous post there would be a problem J . In ITBM standard appliance by default the following lines are on : Server fudge stratum 10 so when you check the time with ntpq –pn you would see that by default is set up as default time server. Since I could not us General

Configuring NTP in VMware ITBM Standard Appliance (1.0.1)

Purpose I need to configure a NTP server in ITBM Standard Appliance. This post covers the know how of the process. Reason: There is a time drift between ITBM appliance and vCAC & Identity appliance, so ITBM registration with vCAC fails. [ vCAC & Identity appliance are configured to use NTP server] Solution: Need to update NTP configuration in ITB General
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