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Learn basics of PowerShell & PowerCLI under 1.5 hours

Purpose Automation in datacenter is a must for any IT-Admin. And scripting is the most important skill they can have. PowerShell is the most important scripting language in today’s virtualised environment. This is a session on basics of PowerShell and PowerCLI which I did for a customer. If you are just starting or plan to start with PowerShell and Automation PowerCLI

Finally it is here-PowerShell for Linux and Mac

Purpose The most awaited feature is finally here. Never thought I would see Microsoft saying they love Linux and open source. But I suppose this was on the cards cause you can not ignore a vast population of IT landscape. So finally PowerShell is here for Linux and Mac environment.Here is a step by step guide on how you would install the Alpha rele Automation PowerCLI

How to Remote execute scripts inside a VM in vSphere

Purpose Hello All, Hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk about remotely executing scripts inside a VM which is hosted in vSphere environment. Recently I received the following requirement from a colleague for a customer. Environment: 1. Customer has hundreds of VMs 2. A particular application is running in many of the VM’s which crea Automation PowerCLI
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